May 2024 brings a lot of colour, inspiration and joy to my little gallery house in Riehen, thanks to the support of old, loyal and unselfish friends.

Works of the highest quality and best provenance, many of them little gems, just like my workplace.

I feel a deep, warm sense of gratitude and am happy that I probably didn’t do everything wrong in my previous working life,

when I unconditionally and transparently placed humanity, love and respect for the work of the creators and the people who care for their oeuvre, at the forefront of my work.


More than half a year has now passed since the opening of my gallery in Riehen, opposite Fondation Beyeler.

Every single day has been exciting and characterised by meeting many new people from all over the world. Time flies by like a rush.

The location means that I have to deal with an unaccustomed number of visitors; there are days when I welcome more visitors here,

than I was able to do in three months at the previous gallery. Not a single negative experience, no derogatory or unfair comments, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

If our crazy world could now also find some peace, if people could dare to give themselves something beautiful and inspiring again,

if everyday life could be characterised by fewer fears, doubts and insecurities, I would also be completely relaxed about the future for all of us.


Enough words, now to what is really the reason for these lines, what has determined and enriched my life since my childhood:

I will be opening the 2024 summer exhibition at the beginning of June, celebrating more of my ‘heroes’.

I send warm regards and greetings, and urge you to never lose the joy you find in beautiful things,


With my kindest regards and best wishes

Marc Triebold